At LEAF we are what we preach.

Here are some of the initiatives the event has adopted to improve its environmental footprint and to operate in a sustainable manner.  We’ll be adding in more initiatives over the coming weeks.

Waste audit

We have engaged Mallow Sustainability to deliver a waste management system that is tailored to maximise resource recovery,
reduce waste to landfill, engage and educate all stakeholders.

  • All rubbish generated will be sorted at a sorting station to ensure it goes in the correct bin
  • All rubbish bins will be weighed before and after sorting to allow us to calculate how much waste was diverted to land fill
  • We will have compost bins for the first time this year
  • All organic waste will be composted by Mallow Sustainability and sent off to farms once turned to soil
  • We will have dedicated cardboard bins for vendors
  • Mallow Sustainability will provide us with an education officer who will talk to vendors and exhibitors as well as the general public about waste management
  • EnviroCom will also be in attendance to engage with the public

Reusable Cups Provided for you Tea and Coffee

New to this years festival will be the option for festival goers to use a ceramic cup for their coffee or tea instead of the traditional disposable cup. We will supply our coffee vendors with a number of ceramic cups for patron to use if they wish and once you are finished with it our dedicated team will collect them, wash and sterilize them before sending them out to be used again.  This initiative is about reducing the amount of disposable coffee cups consumed at the event. Patrons will also receive a small discount off the purchase price of your coffee for agreeing to take part in this initiative.

Festival Shuttle Bus

If you are looking for ways to help us reduce the environmental impacts of the festival one of the easiest things you can do is consider how yo get to the event. Why not take public transport and make use of our free festival shuttle bus that will be operating from Loganlea train station to the event site of a loop between 9am – 3pm. The less cars on our roads the better and plus you will be dropped of right at the entrance, no parking required!

Say No To Single Use Plastics!

  • The City of Logan water Wagon is onsite to refill your reusable water bottles – say no to single use plastic bottles!
  • Only compostable or recyclable serve ware permitted to be used by our vendors – no more plastic straws or bags!
  • Compost Bins Provided to collect food waste. All food waste taken away for composting
  • All Vendors and exhibitors ask to commit to minimum sustainability standards. Encouraging them to eliminate single use plastics at their stall.


LEAF is committed to reducing our reliance on fossil fuels. While the majority of our event doesn’t rely on power some elements of the event do require electricity and it is these areas that we are focusing on improving!

In fact this year our main LEAF stage will be powered by the Sun (100% solar power) including a one of a kind solar P.A system. Our friends at substation 33 will also be powering the Logan City Council Eco Dome creating a second off grid power area!

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